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Tag Archives: Yunnan.

  • Tea tasting

    European Tour – Our leaves go west

    In Yunnan, in our forest, the rain is falling daily, to regenerate and nourish the soil. It reassures us about our tea trees, we know they will be good during the next dry, wintertime months. Our 2018 Spring harvest tea leaves have been packed and are ready to make their travel west, to Europe, ready More  →
  • TED/YiKe Public Talks

    Eastern Leaves has been invited by the renowned YiKe Talks, the Chinese version of the TED Talk, to deliver a speech during a special session dedicated to the sustainable and organic agricultural projects for the sake of Chinese future. They asked us to talk about the story of our forest, and Vivian made us all so More  →
  • Hints of Rainy Season

    On the heights of our ancient trees. On the heights of our ancient trees rain is falling, right now. The wet season follows months of dryness, during which the tea trees grows very slowly, retaining the maximum amount of minerals and nutrients possible. We picked up the dry-season buds to make the Spring Tea, the most precious product of More  →
  • The Tea Harvest

      Early morning, an ancient forest, tea trees bud and leaves grow. The tea harvest—When does it happen and how do we do it at Eastern Leaves?   The basic material — Where does the tea come from? The dry leaves that we brew in our beloved cups were once fresh, colored a light green-yellow,

    More  →
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