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Yixing Long Dan “Long Lasting Fragrance”, in Benshan Lv Ni


High-grade Yixing clay teapot in Benshan Lv Ni, Green clay, fully handcrafted with experience and passion by our trusty artisan Yuan Weixin. This teapot has been engraved on both sides: on one side there is its name, “Xiang Yuan”, Long Lasting Fragrance, while on the other one there’s a floral composition.

The teapot capacity is 90 ml, and it comes with the artist signed certificate.

This teapot shape is called Long Dan, meaning ‘Dragon Egg’. The Benshan Lv Ni clay makes it a rare object, with soft green reflections that emphasize the delicate floral pattern beautifully decorated on its side.

The Yixing clay has been known to be the best material for steeping tea for at least one thousand years, and what we use today is the perfected result of a century-old artisan tradition.

The central characteristic of a Yixing teapot is its porosity, that frees the tea fragrances and allows a unique seasoning of the pot.
Every time we steep the tea in it, our pot absorbs the tea oils and color, gaining a natural coating that enriches the essential taste of the tea. For this reason it is recommended to steep only one kind of tea in your Yixing pot, rinsing it with pure water, without any soap, and air-drying it.


Before you first use your Yixing pot we advice you to follow an easy and effective procedure, that will ensure the best quality brewing for the years to come:

1- steep few grams of the tea you intend to use with your Yixing teapot in a normal kitchen pot full of water;
2- boil the water for about half of an hour, brewing a very strong tea;
3- remove the tea leaves, leaving a clear brew;
4- wrap your Yixing in a rug or cloth, taking care of wrapping its lid in a different piece of cloth. We will boil it in the same pot we have prepared, so we need to ensure the best protection for our Yixing teapot;
5- submerge the Yixing teapot in the strong tea for another half of an hour;
6- let it cool down naturally, then rinse it with fresh water.

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