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Dehua Tea vase and container

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Lightly glazed dehua pottery vase that needs to be touched to be enjoyed: soft and slightly coarse after firing, it protects your tea from moisture and can assure a nice aging of your favourite tea. It comes empty or with our Eastern Leaves tea.


Height: 11cm | Max width: 9cm | Weight: 270g | Capacity 380ml

It can contain the following amount of loose-leaf tea*:

White tea and Pu’er Shengpu: 30g ca. | Dianhong red tea: 50g ca. | Pu’er shupu: 100g ca.

All the teas from last season (2018) are available except for the pu’er shupu that is a 2017 harvest.

*Measured using Eastern Leaves teas!

Customize your vase:

Empty Vase, Pu'er Sheng Pu, Wild Forest (30gr.), Pu'er Sheng Pu, Ancient Trees (30gr.), Dianhong Red Tea, Wild Forest (50gr.), Dianhong Red Tea, Ancient Trees (50gr.), Yueguangbai White Tea, Ancient Trees (30gr.), Pu'er Shu Pu (100gr.)

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