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Tea Forest Dragon Balls Yueguangbai White Tea

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This Yueguanbai, moonlight white tea sourced from the tea forest, is delicately hand rolled into perfect spheres of 6.5 gr. ca each. Packaged into single portion balls, they can be easily carried with you or stored and allowed to age further. When they are lightly placed in hot water, they blossom and transform, bringing the flavors of the forest alive once again in your tea vessel.

Also available in our handmade Wireworks Vase. Artisan made in Beijing.


Tea Forest

The fresh leaves we used to produce this Yueguangbai white tea were sourced from a local Yunnan tea farmer who has never before allowed her land to be used commercially. Among the wild cherry and fruit trees grow wild tea trees, planted the year she was born to celebrate her birth. The unique history of this tea is reflected in its potent flavor, containing hints of the forest and fruit trees that surrounded it. We are honored to harvest and process the tea from this sacred land.

Wirework Vase

These Dragon Balls have the unique ability to be transported in someones pocket, ready to be brewed at anytime, or stored in our signature Wirework Vases. These vases are handmade by esteemed local Beijing artist, Mr. Zhao, based off of the designs of Atlas Studio. These works of art are specially created to store the Dragon Balls, allowing them to slowly age and ripen in exquisite style.




Small Box – 6 dragon balls, White signature box – 12 Dragon Balls, Wirework vase, WHITE – 20 dragon balls, Wirework vase, AMBER – 20 dragon balls, Wirework vase, BLACK – 20 dragon balls

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