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Gaiwan – Translucent White

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It has been delicately made by our trustee artist in Jingdezhen, the most famous Chinese district for chinese handmade manufacturing for over one thousand years.

This gaiwan assures a proper brew preparation, due to perfect manufaturing and material choice that doesn’t affect the tea leaves natural flavor.
It is not only handmade, but also selected among others from the same batch to assure the highest standard of the brew, and pleasurable tea-making.

The white color is widely appreciated, and it is presented here in a very traditional crafting: white as snow and translucent as ice, the lid is almost transparent.

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Gaiwan consists of three pieces, traditionally classified as follows: the lid symbolizes the sky, the tray represents the earth, and the cup, that stays between the two, is the human being in nature.

Height: 70 mm
Tray diameter: 80 mm
Cup: diameter 98mm * height 35mm
Lid: diameter 84 mm * height 5mm
Capacity: 130ml

Weight 700 g

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