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Gaiwan – Fruit Pattern

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Spring flowers brought us their ripened hues, and have been hand-painted on these two gaiwan from Jingdezhen.

The fruit Gaiwan is available in two variations, with delicate peaches or with luscious pomegranates.  The final tonality may be different from one to the other, according to small variations of the hand-crafting.

This Gaiwan assures a proper brew preparation, due to a perfect manufacturing and material choice that doesn’t affect the tea leaves natural flavor.
It is not only handmade, but also selected among others from the same batch to assure the highest standard of the brew, and a pleasurable tea-making.




Size: diameter 88mm * height 88mm
Capacity: 90ml


Peach pattern
hand painted gaiwan
Pomegranate pattern

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