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Forest Guardian


Becoming a Forest Guardian means to support our wild tea forest, for one or more years, receiving the fruit of its fresh leaves twice a year, after every harvest season – once at the end of May, and once in December.
It is a way to get a considerable discount on our best teas, and a great support to all the work around the forest.

Note: the prices listed here-under include two shipments of the selected product, one per semester/season.



The Tea Guardian program has been chosen by many of our Chinese customers for a special and recurring present: your beloved ones will keep receiving our freshly harvested tea season after season, and we commit ourselves to put in each shipment all the care you would use for an important present.
To customize your order, write us an email briefly explaining your idea, we will be glad to be your partners in crime!

Tea format

For the Pu’er Shengpu we propose only pressed format, since we think it is more suitable both for the nature of the tea, and the concept of being a guardian, that goes well beyond the present moment.
The Dianhong red tea is in loose-leaf format only, packed in our signature boxes.


We ship the tea to your address twice in a year: the first shipment occurs after the spring harvest, when the teas are ready to be packaged, and it should be delivered by the end of May – beginning of June, according to your location; the second shipping happens after the Autumn harvest, and it should be delivered by the month of December.
In addition to the Tea Guardian discount, for the 100 gr. and 200 gr. formats we apply a further discount on our shipment rates, while the full ti/tong of cakes enjoy a full free shipping.

Corporate and companies

We have an international Forest Guardian program to support your company CSR, that includes a package of features for your corporate communication and gifting.
It is now active in Europe and US as well, for further information and to apply please write us.


Wild Forest Pu'er Sheng Pu, Ancient Trees Pu'er Sheng Pu, Wild Forest Dianhong Red Tea, Ancien Trees Dianhong Red Tea


100 gr. (3,53oz.) White Box, 100 gr. (3,53oz.) Stone-pressed cake, 200 gr. (7 oz.) Stone-pressed Cake, Full "Ti" (Tong), N.5 100gr. Cakes, Full “Ti” (Tong), N.5 200 gr. (7oz.) Cakes

Number of years

1, 2, 3

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