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This is the red tea at its utmost: premium quality leaves from ancient trees, entirely hand-processed to keep in as much of the flavors of century old hidden trees of the forest.
We call it a meditation tea, rounded yet multifaceted, as each the various steps of preparation involves different skills and multiple days in the mountain. Each step allows the age of these leaves’ history to fully express, in a dark red intensity, the rings of the tree’s big trunk, alive, statuesque, and wise.

We recommend very short infusions, starting with a 5 second infusion, and proceeding to infuse in accordance to your personal taste. Its hearty, robust leaves can hold 10 or 12 infusions without any problem.

Plantation altitude: 1850 meters
Origin: Southwest-Yunnan, Lunan Mountain, Pasha
Flush: Spring 2018
Brewing time: start from 15~20 seconds
Water temperature: 88~92° C
Number of brews: 12
Storage: avoid heat, light and moisture

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