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Wild Forest Plantation

Nannuo and Pasha Mountain, Xishuangbanna area,
southwest Yunnan

Urban Showroom

1-10C, Huawei Li, Yijing Jiayuan
Panjiayuan, Beijing, China

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For further information on our project, suggestions, and ideas, please write at [email protected]

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Our forest plantations are located on Nannuo Mountain, Xishuangbanna Prefecture, Yunnan, China.

We are working to make our mountain accessible to everyone. To stay updated about the project, subscribe to our mailing list or contact us

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Our land is blessed by nature, and we take care of the tea.

What about you? Eastern Leaves and its mountain needs your contribution: write us about your field, experiences, and ideas, from marketing to social work to volunteering, and we will be glad to consider your application or to support your personal project.

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